Henna Patterns

These are some colour patterns I did.  I first painted the background with water colour, and then I drew the patterns with a white pen. 




These are some recent design works I did – two henna and one mandala.  My favourite is the black and white henna – what’s yours? 



Papier Mache Horse

This is another animal sculpture I made at my art class, this time a horse.  I first made the armature out of wire, foil and tape.  Then I put layers of coloured paper on top.  I like the rainbow colours! 



Cockatoo sculpture

I made this sculpture at my art class.  It is made of paper clay.  It has an armature made of newspaper and masking tape, and then I put the clay on top and painted it.  Hope you like it! 



Message from the Author

Hi Guys

If you are reading this it means that you have looked at my website. I would really appreciate it if you can spread this website around to friends and family because I would love to get some more views and be noticed around the world.





Space is a place that is marvellously great.
The Solar System’s one but the planets are eight.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun
but a trip from Earth to Mercury is certainly not fun.
Mercury’s temperature is hot in the day but cold at night,
the temperature never ever reaches just right.
Mercury has fewer than two days in a year –
to this I say it’s particularly queer!

Venus is almost the same size as the Earth,
they have been called twins ever since their birth.
Venus is the hottest planet in space,
it has special clouds that trap air in the place.
Venus has a transit with the sun,
and if you ever watch it, I’d imagine it would be fun.
Venus spins the wrong way around.
If you ever try to walk on Venus, you wouldn’t touch the ground.

Earth is the planet we live on you know,
where there is water which flows and trees that grow.
We breathe oxygen in and carbon dioxide out,
and if we didn’t have these, we would be in serious doubt.
We’re the third planet from the sun.
As to aliens we have none.

Mars has a colour that’s especially red.
If you ever try to walk on Mars without a suit, you’d be dead.
Some people say there are Martians on Mars.
There is a chocolate named after the planet called Mars Bars.
No oxygen to breathe in, nothing to breathe out,
and apart from that all, Mars has a serious drought.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.
The person who discovered Jupiter was obviously full of wisdom!
Jupiter has massive storms all over,
that is why we can’t send a brave rover.
Jupiter’s most famous feature is the dark red spot –
it’s bigger than what you would call a very big clot.
Jupiter has zones that are red and white.
If you ever manage to stand on Jupiter, you’d feel very light.

Saturn has a unique system of rings
made of ice, rock, dust and more fabulous things.
Saturn takes a long time to orbit the sun.
Saturn is also the least dense planet, when you’d think it would weigh a ton!
One of Saturn’s moons is called Titan you know.
It has some strange air which gives it a lovely glow.

Saturn is not the only planet with rings – Uranus has them too.
Uranus is a gassy planet which makes it particularly blue.
Uranus is as beautiful as beryl,
but Uranus has so many storms, you’ll go there at your own peril.
Uranus’s orbit is such an enormous one,
you’d have to live several lifetimes to go around the Sun!

Neptune is the last planet in our Solar System.
Its moons are so small you could easily miss them.
Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea.
He had such wonderful powers I wish he’d give some to me.
Neptune is the planet with the icy cold gusts –
the space probe that went there must have been so robust!

Our Solar System is amazing to learn about.
I’d love to visit space one day without a doubt!