Tie Dye Cushion Cover

I made this cushion cover using tie dye techniques.  I had a lot of fun making it! 



Henna Patterns

These are some colour patterns I did.  I first painted the background with water colour, and then I drew the patterns with a white pen. 




These are some recent design works I did – two henna and one mandala.  My favourite is the black and white henna – what’s yours? 



Papier Mache Horse

This is another animal sculpture I made at my art class, this time a horse.  I first made the armature out of wire, foil and tape.  Then I put layers of coloured paper on top.  I like the rainbow colours! 



Cockatoo sculpture

I made this sculpture at my art class.  It is made of paper clay.  It has an armature made of newspaper and masking tape, and then I put the clay on top and painted it.  Hope you like it!